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They’re NOT.


While luck plays a role in winning bets, there are experts out there who put in years, months, days, and hours of researching and studying MMA fights. This allows them to bring you the boost you need, ultimately increasing your chances of winning. And I am one of those experts. In fact, I am better than other experts.


Because my mission is not rooted in simply helping you make money. That is a basic expectation if you are charging people in exchange for professional MMA sports betting services.


My mission is to help you make money while also increasing your confidence level that you are dealing with the best. After all, this is your hard-earned money. And I want you to make the most out of each chance.



Why I am the best fit to help you make as much money as possible betting on MMA:


  • As your handicapper extraordinaire, I have recorded some of the highest ROI in the MMA betting space. A proven track record will always be your best bet (no pun intended) when choosing the handicapper who will help you.
  • I take bankroll management very seriously here. I make the most units for my clients, giving you the best experience in MMA betting.
  • You will also increase your chances of winning and will also know how. Each week I will provide you with in-depth breakdowns available as a text and audio version. Usually I will post 100+ pages of PDF files for each UFC card, along with audio files including breakdowns of each of the fighters, how I see the matchup and I also include a betting perspective. All of this, just so you can gain the confidence that you are making the most out of your betting money. 
  • One look at my breakdowns and you will see that my breakdowns alone is worth the membership.
  • I study everything MMA and betting related. Some of the topics include probabilities, betting theory, biases, books, articles, and many other things are few of the many things I geek out on when I am not out there helping people make money through MMA bets.
  • Get the inside knowlegde. Throughout my years of betting I´ve formed a small team of people in the betting space all highly selected, to give me as much information as possible. I have several tools at my disposal that you´ll benefit from that very no other people have access to. 
  • Standing behind every bet you will make is my 7 years of experience in this business. I am a full-time pro who will help you understand the MMA betting world better, so you and I can both come up with the best decision that will get you the money.
  • Someone else is out there to make sure I am not scamming people out of their money. How so? Because all of my bets are third party-tracked, which means you will have more confidence you are working with someone who is genuine about helping you win.


To sum everything up…


I will tell you what to bet on and how much. I provide bets before the fight, during the fight, and I also do live betting.


My years of studying and research and 7 years of doing business will skyrocket your chances of winning MMA bets. You will get an in-depth breakdown of my advice plus I will answer questions you have to clear confusion.


My goal is to help you make the most amount of money betting on MMA, while also maintaining a the highest ROI in the business. I will also give you the knowledge you need, and offer you peace of mind in knowing I am third party-tracked for transparency. Anyone who is not third-party tracked can not be trusted, as there is no excuse not to be third-party tracked.


There is a reason more and more analytical people who love in-depth breakdowns come to me for MMA betting advice. You will soon find out why.


I am confident we will make a great team. Sign up with me today!