Frequently Asked Questions

All of our bets are posted in our section. 

You will get instant access to all of our bets by purchasing any of our premium membership packages. 

As long as you have an active membership you will be able to view our bets. If your membership runs out, all you have to do is renew it or upgrade it to a different membership and you will again have instant access to all of our bets as well as to our livebet group. 

Besides all of our prebets, you will also get full access to our livebet group on discord, where you´ll be able to interact with all of our other members, get early leans, and you will have direct access to a Pro Sports Bettor to answer any of your questions and help you grow your bankroll. I want to have the most educated followers, and I take my time to always answer questions from my members. I truly want to help you make as much money and become as educated in the world of betting as possible. 

For anyone interested in betting training: I´ve helped countless  beginners, casual bettors and expert bettors become even better, as I always make sure to adjust my betting training to your leve and I am one of the most knowledgeable in this gamel.  questions. 

In our discord you will also be able to discuss fights and whatever else you may want to discuss with our other members. You will become a part of a very warm and constantly growing community.

All membership packs minimum one month and longer comes with full insurance. If you buy i.e 1 month then in June, but we do not profit in June then you will get July for free. If you buy a yearly membership if we have not profited in i.e 2022 then you will get another year for free (Minimum need to have bought yearly membership 6 months prior for the insurance to apply, otherwise people would just buy in december if I had a losing month.) 

I go by month to month as if I had to take it exactly from the date you bought it´d be too time consuming with so many members. I´m the only one offering any kind of insurance, as I believe this is just good customer service and I´m this confident. If I don´t make you money, I don´t get paid, that simple. 

I want to offer the absolute best betting service possible, so of course you should get insurance on your membership. 

The reason why I offer full insurance on all membership packs is because I am so confident in my abilities to make us a profit. This insurance also means that I do not make any money from your membership unless I perform. This is obviously  for your benefit as you know you will have a handicapper in me who will do his absolute best to make you money. 


Our livebet discord group is where all of our livebets will be posted. We are one of the only betting services offering this, and we have several advantages compared to every other service out there. We´re nearly always far ahead of everyone else watching, and this means that we can place bets earlier than everyone else. I cannot say how we do this, but by becoming a member you will get the benefits that we got, as you will be able to benefit from us being so far ahead that we can post early livebets. Sometimes we are able to bet as the only ones as the odds will be closed by the time the rest catches up.


We are often 20-30 seconds ahead of fightpass for instance.

Besides our amazing livebets that adds to our already incredible prebet profit you will also become part of a constantly growing community full of supportive positive people who all decided to sign up for our service. Upcoming fights and bets can be discussed during the week. Our goal is to have the best and most positive community out there. I don´t see my members as clients, I see my members as my team, we´re all in this together.

You may just find several friends in our group to talk fights with as we only keep kind hearted and positive people aroumd.

It is also the best way to ask me questions as that way everyone else can also benefit from my answers to betting questions etc. 

We post all sorts of bets. Straight Moneyline bets, props and occasionally a rare parlay. 

Our focus is on straight moneyline bets, as that is where you will be able to bet the most amount of money, and that is where the majority in our opinion of our profit should come from. This has the least risk, and the best consistency. 

We will often post bets at closing odds. Closing odds are where odds should be the most accurate, however due to MMA being a niche sport closing lines are often very wrong, and sometimes will even go in the wrong direction. 

By betting closing lines you will get the exact same odds as us. This makes us the easiest tailable service in the buisness.Many services will only post bets early on at odds you can never get, but by posting closing odds everyone will be able to bet around the same time and get the same odds. This is a huge benefit to everyone. 


Why can we bet closing odds and still be so massively profitable and have such a fantastic ROI better than everyone else? Because we put in the required work and because we got tools that noone else has access to. My system for instance can spot value without me even doing reseach. It´s been tested for years and is outperforming everyone else. Include my research and we are on a completely different level.


Our results speaks for themselves, and due to us posting bets at closing odds our results, will soon be your results. 

Straight Moneyline bets is what you should look for in a legit capper. Props are hard to get much money on and should only be bet small, and most people who bets many parlays are long term losers. 

Straight Moneyline bets should always be the main foucs of any MMA handicapper if one wants consistency which is one of the most important aspects as an MMA handicapper. 

Our usual number of bets is around 3-6 bets. 

It all depends on the fight card, how much value there is on the card. It can be one bet or it can be many more bets. If we see value we will bet, if we do not we will pass. 

One of the greatest skills as a bettor is knowing when not to bet. Sounds simple and it is,  but it isn´t easy. Many cappers bets a lot more than they should. Remember, every time you make a bet unless you have an edge then you will lose long-term. We only beyt when we have a decent sized edge over the bookies. 

We always post our bets both in decimal and american odds. As an example:


Bet 3 units on Conor Mcgregor at 2.50 / +150 to win 4.50 units



It’s important to know how odds work and how to read sports betting lines, as online sportsbooks will display odds differently, based on the sport and location you’re betting on.

The three main types of betting odds are fractional (British) odds, decimal (European) odds, and money line (American) odds. These are simply alternate ways of presenting the same thing and hold no difference in terms of payouts. This means that the chances (or the percentage probability) of an event occurring can be converted and presented in any of the aforementioned types of odds.

As an example of a 50% chance bet according to the odds


Decimal = 2.00

American +100

Fractional 2/1 


Odds = Probability


This is essentially what “edge” and “value” is all about. We want to bet when we have a decent edge over the implied probability of the odds. If we cap a bet at 60% chance to win but the bookies think it only has a 50% chance of winning, then we have an “edge” or a “value” bet. The more bets you make where you have a higher chance of winning the bet than the odds indicate the higher the likelyhood of you making a profit longterm. Variance will even itself out eventually. This is why we cannot bet 50% of our bankroll on one bet, and that is why we use a 1-5% system where we risk a maximum of 5% of our bankroll per bet. This minimizes the risk of us going broke, and increases the chances of us making a profit which is what it is all about. 

A unit in sports betting is a measurement of the size of a given bet. It’s mainly used because everyone’s bankroll is different and a unit refers to the percentage of a bankroll.

A unit is most often seen as being equal to 1% of your bankroll. 

For example, if your bankroll is $1,000, one unit would be $10 or 1%. In this situation, if someone puts three units on a bet, it would be a $30 bet. 

I always bet between 1-5 units, as anything more than 5% of your bankroll on a bet is simply too much risk. 

The idea behind units is that we can bet more on the best bets, and reduce the overall risk of going broke.



Units are often what matter most in the betting world, at least for bettors like me who share my bets. 

There are a lot of people who bets a lot of huge favorites and brag about being 10-0 in bets, but they may only have made one unit because the odds were so low. While someone being 4-6 may have won more units because they bet a lot of big underdogs.

Units = Profit

The more units, the more money, and the better a bettor you usually are. 

ROI (Return On Investment) is a financial term used to explain the amount of money you return based on the amount of money you wagered in. In gambling and sports betting, the ROI measures the actual profits in comparison to the money gambled. 

The bettors with the highest ROI are usually the best handicappers. 

A high ROI ensures that there is a lot of room for error, and that your money is being invested well. 

For example, if a bettor placed a bet of $100 at odds of 1.4, and the fighter won, they would see a return of $140 but, it would be more honest to say they have made $40 as supposed to including the stake as well. This would represent a 30% ROI which would be nearly impossible to keep up in the long run.

Most handicappers average around 5% ROI. You can look this up yourself by searching on google about what is a good ROI – so you don´t just have to take our word for it.


The best bettors in the MMA world average around 5-10% ROI. 

Fimbul Fight Picks however are averaging as we speak a staggering  20% ROI which is unheard of in the betting world. This puts us at 0,01% of bettors and this is nearly impossible to keep longterm, yet we are maintaining our record high ROI, week after week, month after month. 

The reason why our ROI is so good and we are in a league of our own is thanks to the very unique Fimbul Fight Picks Betting System.  The most advanced and profitable MMA Betting System in the world. 

You can compare our ROI with every other bettor and you will find that we are in a league of our own. 

The best bookmakers I recommend are the following:


Bet365 (The best livebet bookie in the world)











There are many others great books and you should always try to sign up for as many legit bookmakers as possible, to be able to shop for the best lines when you copy my bets.